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King of the Hill

   Outdueling the super PAC’s, Obama for America, the President’s re-election campaign, drops the largest sum to date. On Sept. 30, during a Bronco’s game broadcast on KCNC, Obama for America spent $104,000 for a two minute spot. That sum tops the previous high figure set by American Crossroads. The Republican super PAC paid $45,000 to advertise during the Sept. 9 Bronco’s game.

   Per unit pricing still gives the top mark to American Crossroads. They spent $45,000 for a 30 second spot. That calculates to $1,500 per second of ad time. By comparison, the Obama for America spot, while longer, was a relative bargain at $867 per second.

  With both conventions completed, the most lucrative advertising spots appear to be during the upcoming presidential debates, NFL football, and MLB playoffs and the World Series. With Colorado being a top battleground state, there may be even greater sums spent to reach the large and diverse crowd tuned into Bronco’s games.

- Greg Ellison